Is where the cheese and oxidizer is!

this is a place for the mice to do what they will. but I am going to set a few guidelines!

First: This site’s posts are anonymous. do not reveal your identity. If you find out who someone else is….. keep your mouth shut!

2nd: If you comment. make an account. DO NOT use the post accounts for comments.

iii: DO NOT ARGUE. if there is fighting. there will be BANS! take this as your only warning.

D: other than these guidelines do what you want! and have fun!

Th3 D3n

This is where the infamous Rocket Mice hang, rant, communicate, or what ever else we want to do here.

Who the Fuc* are The Rocket Mice!?

We are… Punks, Devs, Pilots, Artists, Dancers, Bikers, Actors, Builders, Deckers, Phreaks, DJs, and mages.

We like Beer, Whisky, Tea, Coffee, and Stuff, Yes the mid-terms were hard!

This is our musings, our front for our net


things to FIX

screens, doors, dish washer, AC????, batts for smoke det, patio, certs, photos for WS, resume for that thing, that thing!,

Hard place

It is one of the hardest things to do,  to sit in the next room and hear you partner argue with there other partner over something. Especially when ot it arguing over going out and spending time together. This has put a dark cloud over a really good night. I wish I could fix it, …


If you want to find us send an email we might get back to you.