The Spam…

So I have now had to disable all the new accounts, because i was getting 300+ new spam accounts a day. so to me it was either block everyone in a couple of countries, and I was not willing to do that. so if you need an account email me and we will have a conversation. everyone that still has the account details, they have not changed so continue on! for anyone else… here it is… syn at the place you are .com

we will talk and maybe get you an account!

things to FIX

dish washer,
batts for smoke det,
photos for WS,
resume for that thing,
that thing!,


I read a post today that says time does not heal all wounds, it just replaces memories. that got me thinking and they are correct. it does just replace memories. That has made me even more sad than I already have been. There are things I don’t want to forget. The way people made me feel, the way I could not stop smiling when I was near them. But, there are the fights and the bad that I will gladly be rid of. Time does that… For the most part, it seems that when you are in the present all you can see is the bad and you don’t remember the good, but very shortly after the situation changes so do the memories. The bad ones start to fade and the good ones start to resurface. After even more time that is all that is left is the thoughts of the good and the longing for that feeling again. Let more time pass and the good memories start to fade away as well and so does that person, and that makes me sad as well. It makes me sad because someone that was at one time so important, now is but a mere passing thought that takes up almost none of your time. Than nothing, they become nothing to you anymore, not even a fleeting thought in the night. we just move on.

I didn’t miss the moon for the stars I just captured a comet for a wile on its way through, and from its perspective it did the same.

Gods speed little Comet, and beware of unstable orbits.

Good morning sweet night

There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night. It is the worst! sound asleep and than BAM like a bomb in your head exploding, screaming! telling you something is wrong. I lay there trying to figure out what it is, and there is nothing. just the silence of my room. the darkness of the night. I wonder what profound thing was wondering through my head that could have jolted me from my slumber. was it a lost love reciprocating there lament? was it the answer to the meaning of life? or was it the last dyeing breath of someone I will never meet, crying out? I do not know. I want to know. I yearn to know. I sit up and check the time. and I realize that the thing that jolted me awake was the buzzer on the dryer telling me the load I put in was done.

I will fold it in the morning I tell myself as I lay back down pull the covers up around my neck and try to find sleep again.