Stay Safe

What strange times we are in now with the pandemic spreading through not only the Mega but throughout the world, we are all hold up in our own little holds either by ourselves or with whoever we deem as family. that is good we are all doing the right thing by keeping our distance. this is easier for some over others. keep everyone close just keep your distance. we have the technology to do this. so to all you Mice out there stay safe and do not get Ronaed! and reach out to the ones you love!


So I am back in the East Pac Mega! It has been an adventure! there are a few more Mice in the crew now, and that is exciting! the hacker crew is going strong and the artiest are doing there are thing. I do mice the mice in the great desert but I just could not stay. I have to keep moving forward and I could not do that there. I am very thankful for Little Mouse for the support and for New Mouse for being new and exciting! I hope things keep going well and i will keep everyone updated. and remember if anyone wants to post or become a RocketMouse themselves shoot me a message and i will get you the instructions!

The Spam…

So I have now had to disable all the new accounts, because i was getting 300+ new spam accounts a day. so to me it was either block everyone in a couple of countries, and I was not willing to do that. so if you need an account email me and we will have a conversation. everyone that still has the account details, they have not changed so continue on! for anyone else… here it is… syn at the place you are .com

we will talk and maybe get you an account!

Stupid Robots

So renting a car is a strange thing if you think about it. but the worst part about it is when a new Safety feature tries to kill you. so all you devs out there working on things for cars ask yourself… will this feature behave in a way that might surprise the fuck out of the driver and yank the wheel out of there hand and try to send the cat off in to the nether realm because a stripe stopped or if it will randomly turn itself on or off because it was confused and also sending you off in to oblivion. I want my good car back…

Liminal Space

So it is strange to come back to a place that you once called home. Especially when that place does not changes very fast. You see things that you didn’t see before, things that bother you now but didn’t before. And like the physical space the people that occupy that space seem to be caught in the same non changing space. And I wonder if it is really that the people have not changed or if I have changed and that now that I am looking into the fish bowl that I can see the place for what it really is not not for what I thought it once was. The place and the people are still special to me, but something has most definitely changed, And some things have not. I think the trick it figuring out if it is the place or yourself that has changed.

things to FIX

dish washer,
batts for smoke det,
photos for WS,
resume for that thing,
that thing!,

Hard place

It is one of the hardest things to do,  to sit in the next room and hear you partner argue with there other partner over something. Especially when ot it arguing over going out and spending time together. This has put a dark cloud over a really good night. I wish I could fix it, but I know I can’t. This sucks!

Just a quote.

When you are desperate to find someone to blame.

Then that person can do nothing to please you.

Because you have already made up your mind.