Even this rant is late.

When everything goes fucking wrong.
When I’m typing from Notepad because a paying subscription to Office is bullshit, and I parked at a bakery that for some insane reason doesn’t have wifi and burns their coffee.
When the only reason I have to camp out and kill time is because somebody acting like a cunt has removed my and another’s agency in an ongoing situation.
After I’ve been told I can’t open an account with a new bank I would prefer to do business with over my old one; first, because of a legally lesser status to someone I no longer have anything to do with and second, because a mailing address I’ve used my entire life isn’t good enough even though I live in an apartment that doesn’t receive mail and which I don’t plan to be living in much longer anyway.
Then sucking it up to deposit check at current shitty bank, hoping they let me have some cash.
Because oh yeah, my place of work has been so hard up for funds that I’ve been the recipient of PAPER checks for over a year.
When I’ve spent all day on pointless, tedious, and soul draining tasks to zero goddamn avail for a class B company still puts me in constant danger by its very nature. (Not horrible: I did not fear my car would be totaled by an uninsured nimrod today.)
During which I received intentionally humorous but actually abhorrent facebook comments from my boss, poking at the festering sores caused by the poor arrangement I’ve been suffering with for too long.
When I don’t give a flying fuck for a 1/10 of the rat’s ass that make up the majority of my clients, and even less so for attempting base communication with more.
When the cumulative stress of the past two weeks of inner-office and client flakiness, passive aggression, moronic ineffectuality, and disregard for timely execution of materials that have to go through many channels before probably not meeting deadline.
After I’ve just realized that for the second time in my life, I can objectively define an organization as “nepitism plus me”.
When the financial support to my entire living situation is up in the air,  hovering darkly dying, or dead and doesn’t know it yet.
When I’d fucking love to retain what little sanity I have left, but it’s got a half life of every hour I’m stuck…

Good morning sweet night

There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night. It is the worst! sound asleep and than BAM like a bomb in your head exploding, screaming! telling you something is wrong. I lay there trying to figure out what it is, and there is nothing. just the silence of my room. the darkness of the night. I wonder what profound thing was wondering through my head that could have jolted me from my slumber. was it a lost love reciprocating there lament? was it the answer to the meaning of life? or was it the last dyeing breath of someone I will never meet, crying out? I do not know. I want to know. I yearn to know. I sit up and check the time. and I realize that the thing that jolted me awake was the buzzer on the dryer telling me the load I put in was done.

I will fold it in the morning I tell myself as I lay back down pull the covers up around my neck and try to find sleep again.


There are times I feel like I am just the only person in this world. I wonder if there is ever anyone that feels the same as they wake up in the morning.  I know this too will pass as the day goes on. but some times it is hard as the sun comes up.

Of course you know…

So why do people hire us just to turn around and tell us that we should do things differently? didn’t you hire us to do the job because we are the experts. If you know so much better DO IT YOUR-DAMN-SELF! some days i just want to reach through time and space to punch people in the neck! FUCK you dumb asses! To top it off I am not even supposed to be working right now!



Who the fuck are you and why are you here? are you one of the Mice?

I guess it doesn’t really matter if you are or if you are not. no one will know who is posting unless they want you to, and sign there post.


basically this is a place for us to publish writing, Rant about work or people in meat or cyberspace, or a spot for us to put a note so we can remember to buy washing up powder or a bum roll.

Just remember this in not a democracy this is a malevolent dictatorship.

The Mice are ALWAYS right, your argument is invalid.

Not our problem.

We wield the ban hammer, and we WILL use it.

Are you still here… Awesome,

Stand by for more…